Welcome to Funtime3Freddy3 Records Privacy and Policy!

Here you can find information about this site.


1.1.Making one.

How can you make an account on our website you may ask?

There are multiple ways:

1.By completing this form.

2.By sending an email to this email.



We’re currently distributing to our Youtube Channel and on our Tracks Library and on our Artists Library.

2.2.How to distribute.

1.Go on login form.

2.Connect to you artist account.

If you don’t have one go on policy 1 and read there.

3.Press the ‘Upload’ button.

4.Complete the form.

5.Wait to get approved.

This is taking like 1-2 days(Depends on us).

6.After gets approved,your in our bear family!:D

3.Data that we’re collecting.

We collect data such as username,name,surname and more to prove that you’re a real artist.


For that read my main policy here.

5.More Policy for Funtime3Freddy3 Records,coming soon!:D

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